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An Introduction To Our Sleep Lab Process

Tower Sleep Medicine is a diagnostic sleep center accredited by the American Academy of Sleep Medicine. We offer both in-lab sleep studies (polysomnograms) and home sleep testing. Whether you are recommended for laboratory sleep testing or home sleep testing, we utilize the most advanced digital recording systems.

Our sleep facility is comfortable, air-conditioned, and sound-insulated, and is composed of private sleep diagnostic rooms, each digitally connected with our central technician control area. We are experienced in conducting sleep studies in both adults and children (greater than six years of age), performing adult CPAP and BIPAP titrations, and in titrating advanced respiratory assist devices in persons with more complex medical needs.

Our facility is located in the Cedars-Sinai Medical Office Towers, a secured complex with on-site 24-hour security guards.

What happens once I reach the sleep lab?

  • The sleep technologist provides a briefing.
  • You can shower and relax in your personal room.
  • When it’s time to sleep, the technologist attaches all the necessary sensors to your body.
  • As you sleep, the device monitors your brainwaves, heart rate, breathing, oxygen levels, leg movements, and other parameters.
  • The cameras in the room monitor your sleep and inform the technologist in case a sensor comes loose.

What should I bring to the sleep lab?

  • A comfortable set of clothes to sleep in.
  • Toothbrush, toothpaste, and any other items you use for your nighttime routine.
  • Prescription medications that have been cleared by the sleep doctor.

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Benefits of an In-Lab Sleep Test:

Comprehensive Testing

An overnight in-lab sleep test utilizes a polysomnogram (PSG) to diagnose a wide range of sleep disorders, including breathing problems, limb movement disorders, hypersomnia, insomnia, obstructive sleep apnea, circadian rhythm disorders, and many more. It’s a comprehensive test conducted with cutting-edge technologies that provide incredibly accurate results. Home sleep testing kits, in comparison, only test a few parameters to diagnose breathing problems or obstructive sleep apnea. As such, overnight in-lab sleep tests are far broader.

Luxurious Comfort

Our diagnostic sleep centers bear similar aesthetic sensibilities as your favorite hotels. They’re air-conditioned, sound-insulated, equipped with a flat-screen television, and a cloud-like bed you wouldn’t want to leave. When you arrive at our facility, you’re shown into your comfortable sleep center, where you can shower, relax, and unwind. We encourage you to watch TV, read a book, and simply relax while waiting for the test to begin. Think of it as a staycation at a lux hotel.

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On-Site Supervision

During your in-lab sleep test, a registered polysomnographic technologist constantly supervises and observes your sleep activities from the monitoring room. The technologist can intervene and make adjustments to the equipment if necessary, reattach a disconnected equipment, address your needs and concerns, and ensure optimal results. In comparison, at-home sleep tests are often inconclusive because the device may be disconnected in the middle of the night, and there’s no one around to make sure the test works perfectly.

Final Authority

Home sleeping tests are usually the first stage in your sleep disorder diagnosis journey. After the home test, doctors often recommend a second in-lab test to investigate possible anomalies that may have appeared in your results. However, in-lab sleep tests have the final say; they’re the final authority on all matters regarding sleep disorders. They provide extremely accurate data on every aspect of your sleep cycle, facilitating optimal diagnosis. You don’t need to go through another round of sleep tests after the in-lab sleep test.

Immediate Results

The results from in-lab sleep tests are available a lot faster than the results from home tests. The on-site polysomnographic technologist observes and scores the data from the tests while the study takes place. The sleep specialist can then review the data and provide immediate results the next day. The results from home sleep tests usually take a day or two longer to process.

Insurance Coverage

The sleep lab tests are covered by most medical groups and insurance health plans. We also discuss all your insurance coverage options to minimize your financial burden. As such, you can simply go to sleep with one less thing to worry about.

Contact us to find out more about how the sleep lab process can help you discover and treat sleep disorders.

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