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Anyone who has ever tried CPAP knows that it isn’t easy for everyone. Tower Sleep Medicine’s CPAP Clinic in Los Angeles, with Tom Hoffmann, R.P.S.G.T., specializes in helping people overcome CPAP difficulties, including poorly fitting masks, air leaks, facial sore spots and general CPAP intolerance. Tom also specializes in CPAP education, training patients and family in CPAP machine care and upkeep.

  • Expert CPAP Mask Fitting
  • CPAP Calibration and Troubleshooting
  • CPAP Relaxation Coaching
  • CPAP Education
  • Headgear Adjustment

Tom Hoffmann, R.P.S.G.T., is a graduate of Ohio Northern University. His career in sleep medicine began in 2000 as regional manager of Sleep Care, Inc., in Columbus, OH, and then subsequently as teaching faculty at its accredited sleep training facility. Tom has been the sleep laboratory manager at Tower Sleep Medicine since 2010, helping guide patients through CPAP questions, difficulties and, struggles.

What is CPAP Therapy?

CPAP (continuous positive airway pressure) therapy is considered the gold standard in treatments for sleep apnea. Also known as PAP therapy, CPAP devices deliver pressurized air via masks and tubes to keep your airways open, preventing them from collapsing.

  • The CPAP machine usually includes the following components:
  • The Mask: Your CPAP machine may include a mask that covers both your nose and mouth, or just your nose, or prongs that fit inside your nostrils.
  • The Tube: All CPAP machines have a tube connecting the mask to the CPAP machine.
  • Motor: The CPAP machine includes a motor that blows air into the tube.

The pressurized air generated by the motor moves through the tube, into the mask, and it’s delivered into your airways. Over the years, CPAP machines have gone through significant changes, making them a lot more comfortable and unobtrusive than they once were. CPAP machines allow you to sleep soundly, so you can wake up feeling refreshed.

Tips for CPAP Therapy:

  • Use the CPAP machine for short periods throughout the day. This will help you get used to the machine, allowing you to sleep comfortably with the mask.
  • Whether you’re getting a short power nap or a long 8-hours sleep, you must always wear the CPAP mask.
  • Use your CPAP machine’s ramp mode to gradually increase the air pressure as you fall asleep, giving you plenty of time to get used to the increased pressure.
  • If you suffer from nasal congestion, use a nasal spray to clear your nose before wearing the CPAP machine.
  • Clean the entire CPAP machine, including the tubes and mask, regularly.
  • Contact your R.P.S.G.T if you have any problems with the CPAP machine.

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Benefits of CPAP Therapy:

Improve Your Response Time

Sleep apnea causes sleeplessness and fatigue, leading to excessive daytime sleepiness. People with sleep apnea are constantly tired, and the lack of oxygen circulation in your brain prevents it from functioning at full capacity. As such, sleep apnea affects your general response time, making you slower to react to situations. This is particularly dangerous while driving because a slower response time prevents you from reacting to sudden obstacles. CPAP therapy restores your normal response time, allowing you to carry on with your daily activities without slow reactions.

Improve Your Focus

People with sleep apnea often have a hard time focusing or concentrating at work. Your mind may wander, affecting your ability to make sound decisions. Lack of concentration and focus can adversely affect your social and professional life, leading to generally poor quality of life. CPAP therapy allows you to get a full night’s sleep, restoring all your senses to optimal capacity. As such, people undergoing CPAP therapy generally report improvements in their social and professional lives as well.

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Stop Snoring

Individuals with sleep apnea snore pretty loudly. While you might not be aware of your snoring, it’s likely to affect your partner. Patients often state that sleep apnea doesn’t just affect them but also their sleep partner. Furthermore, sleep apnea-induced snoring is particularly terrifying because it’s punctuated with elongated periods where you stop breathing altogether. CPAP therapy either reduces or eliminates snoring completely, something your partner is sure to be grateful for.

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